Web-4-Parent Authorization

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Guest Access to Student Education Record

Effective Fall 2010, EKU is implementing a new initiative "Web-4-Parent". A student can give written permission authorizing an individual(s) to have a guest EKU Direct access only account to view the student's academic and financial information. This access is "view only" and does not enable the guest to make any changes to the student's information.

The student granting permission must complete the Web-4-Parent Authorization form and return it to the EKU Registrar's Office (SSB 239), either in person or via an e-mail attachment from their EKU e-mail account. The authorization form may be picked up from the Registrar's Office. To be compliant with federal privacy regulation, we are not able to accept a completed authorization form if it is mailed, returned by the student's parent, or is not signed by the student. Parental signature is not required; student signature is.

In accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), only the student can approve this access. Permission for this account can be revoked by the student at any time. While the Registrar's Office would be delighted to answer general questions regarding Web-4-Parent, in keeping with federal privacy law, we cannot discuss any academic information of the student over the phone.

For questions, please refer to the FAQ's or call 622-2320.  Please refer to Colonel's Compass http://colonelscompass.eku.edu/.