Web-4-Parent - Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:
for Students
for Parents

How do I grant permission for my parent (guest) to have view access of my EKU Direct account? (top)

The Web-4-Parent form can be picked up in the Registrar's Office located in SSB 239.

You must complete and submit to the Registrar's Office. The form must be signed by you as the student granting permission and returned either in person or via your EKU e-mail account. If returning the form in person, please come to SSB 239. If e-mailing the form, e-mail to registration@eku.edu.

The form will not be accepted if it is mailed, returned by your parent, or is missing your signature. Your parent cannot sign the form for you.

If you are unsure if you have completed this form or need additional information about Web-4-Parent, contact the Registrar's Office at 622-2320.

If I have completed the authorization form, how do I grant access to Web-4-Parent through EKU Direct? (top)

To grant your parent access, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the EKU home page at http://www.eku.edu
  • Choose the EKU Direct link located under "My EKU"
  • Choose Login to EKU Direct
  • Click the Web-4-Parent tab
  • Choose Authorize Student Information

(If you have completed the authorization form, your parent's name will appear in the drop down box entitled Select a Parent)

  • Choose a parent and click Submit.
  • Check each box for the pages which you are granting your parent access and click Submit. You can grant access to all pages by choosing Submit All Enabled. A checkmark will appear in each box indicating that your parent can view that information.

What if I don’t want my parent to see all of my information? (top)

Your parent only has access to the pages that you choose.

Can I pick and choose the pages that I want my parent to have access to? (top)

Yes – access to any page is controlled by you. To grant access, click the box by the page name, and to revoke access, again click the box by the page name.

Can I revoke my parent's ability to have view access to my EKU Direct information? (top)

Yes. You will need to login and unclick each mark box or choose Submit All Disabled.

What if my parent's name is not displayed? (top)

If your parent's name is not displayed, please contact the Registrar's Office to ensure that you have completed the Web-4-Parent Authorization Form.

How does my parent obtain their ID and PIN number? (top)

Your parent(s) EKU ID and PIN number are listed on the "Authorize Student Information" page. It is your responsibility to provide this information to your parent(s).

Why can I see my parents ID and PIN number? (top)

You are granting permission for your parent(s) to view information that you as a student already have access to.

I cannot see my parents ID or PIN number – WHY? (top)

There are two possible reasons, both related to security and privacy issues:

  • You have a sibling attending EKU. Although you grant permission for your parent(s) to have view only access to your account, the University cannot disclose your parent(s) login information as you do not have authority to view your sibling's information.
  • Your parent(s) are employees of EKU and have access to employee information that is confidential. Therefore, you as a student are not permitted to have access to anything other than your student account information.
  • Your parent(s) are former or current students of EKU. Therefore, you as a student cannot have access to their student account information.

If I grant permission for both parents to have access to my account, do I need to give them the same access? (top)

No -- both of your parents' names will appear as selections. You have complete control over which parent sees what information. For example, you may grant permission for your mother to see your grades, but allow your father to see only financial information.

What if my parent(s) PIN is disabled? (top)

You or your parent can contact the Registrar's Office at 859-622-2320. The parents' access will then be re-enabled or re-set. You must inform your parent of their new PIN number which is located in the "Authorize Student Information" link.

If your parent is a current or former student at EKU, they will need to contact the Registrar's Office.

What is FERPA? (top)

FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This federal legislation protects the privacy of students and prohibits the University from disclosing student information without the authorization of the student. FERPA regulations are strictly adhered to in the implementation of Web-4-Parent. All related FERPA information can be found at http://www.registrar.eku.edu/FERPA.