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90th hour Graduation Application Requirement

EKU has a new initiative aimed at helping students graduate in the most efficient and cost effective route.  This new policy requires all baccalaureate seeking students to apply to graduate once they earn 90 hours.  This will set in motion a formal evaluation by a College Graduation Expert.  The results of your evaluation will be recorded in the notes section of your Degree Works audit.  Your Graduation Expert will communicate directly with you and your advisor if your graduate path and date needs to be adjusted.

 REGISTRATION HOLD:  Each student who is notified that it is time to graduate will have a registration hold until they have applied to graduate in EKUDirect. The graduation application hold will lift approximately 30 minutes after the graduation application process has been completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.  Can I get help with creating a plan?

A. YES... here is a link to the Degree Works tutorial page to help get you started and you can always stop by GURU location to ask questions. 


Q. How do I apply to graduate?

A. Log into EKUDirect/Student Services & Fin Aid/Student Records/Apply to Graduate


Q. How quickly will the hold be lifted?

A. The program that lifts the Graduation Holds runs every 30 minutes.  So that is the longest you will have to wait once you correctly submit an application.


Q. What if I do not create an academic plan in Degree Works?

A. When the College Graduation Expert for your major reviews your record she/he will expect to see a plan that includes all graduation requirements.  If the plan is complete your graduation goal will be approved.  If your anticipated graduation semester is neither reasonable nor possible, and your plan needs to be changed, you will be notified.


Q. What happens if I ignore the advice of my College Graduation Expert?

A. It is very important that you have a complete, and reasonable, academic plan in Degree Works and that your stated graduation timeframe is possible.  Your College Graduation Expert will apply a Dean’s Hold and prevent you from adding/dropping/withdrawing from any classes until your academic plan in Degree Works and your graduation term are appropriate for your stated major.

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Q. What if I do not apply?

A. You will have a hold that will prevent you from adding/dropping/withdrawing from any classes until this requirement is met.  Applying online is quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes.


Q.  Why should I apply now? I don’t think I will be graduating this year.

A. EKU is committed to each student graduating in the most time efficient and cost effective route.  You cannot know what that route is until you go through Degree Works and carefully create your best, and most direct, route to graduation.  Even if your graduation semester is 4 or 5 semesters out there is great value to create a term-by-term plan in Degree Works, a firm graduation goal, and staying on track to reach that goal.  Yes, there is great value to going through the application process now.


Q. I tried to apply but my major is not listed on the application?

A. If your current major is not showing up when you try to apply to graduate then please email graduation@eku.eduand the Registrar’s Office will check your records and help you resolve the issue.  Be sure to email from your EKU email account and give your name and EKU ID.


Q. Who do I ask if I need help submitting an application?

A. You can contact the College Graduation Expert for your major, or you can email   The GURUS can also help.


Q.  Will I be charged a graduation fee?

A. Yes, once you apply to graduate with your baccalaureate degree the appropriate graduation fee will be applied to your account.  The fee for an undergraduate degree is $50.

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Q. I am also earning a University certificate.  Do I have to submit an application for that as well as for my degree?

A. YES.  You will need to submit a separate application for your certificate – but only if it is a University certificate (requires 24 or more credit hours to complete).  If the certificate is a departmental certificate (requires fewer than 24 hrs to complete), then you do not submit an application through EKUDirect.


Q. If I am earning a double major will I have to pay two fees?

A. No, you are earning only one degree.  The degree that is associated with your first major.  You will be charged only one graduation fee of $50 for your undergraduate degree.  However you will need to submit a 2nd application to get the 2nd major listed on your record at graduation. 


Q.  I am earning a double major but was billed a 2nd graduation fee.  Is that right?

A. No, you should be charged only one fee.  If you happen to get billed a 2nd graduation fee your College Graduation Expert for your major will be happy to have that 2nd fee reversed.


Q. What is the difference between “double major” and “dual degrees”?

A. A double major means you are earning one bachelor degree and will only be receiving only one diploma.  You have a 2nd area of study, but you are not completing enough hours to complete an additional bachelor degree.  The transcript will state that the student earned one degree and had two major areas of study.   “Dual degree” means that the student has completed all requirements for two bachelor degree programs and has earned at least 150 credit hours.  Dual degree earners receive two diplomas and their transcript states that they have earned two baccalaureate degrees.


Q. What does the graduation fee cover?

A. The fee covers processing, production, and mailing of EKU diplomas and complementary graduating transcripts.  Students pay a graduation fee for each diploma produced.  One diploma = one graduation fee.  Students with double majors pay one graduation fee.  Students earning two degrees (dual degree earners) pay two graduation fees, one for each degree earned.  Two degrees = two graduation fees.

Q. I am earning two degrees.  I plan to receive two diplomas.  Do I pay two graduation fees?

A. Yes, you pay a graduation fee for each diploma produced.  You are considered a “Dual Degree” student. The graduation fee covers processing, production, and mailing of your diplomas and complementary graduating transcripts.  Two diplomas = two graduation fees.


Q. I applied to graduate but have moved my graduation date to a later semester.  Do I have to pay a graduation fee again?

A. No, you pay a graduation fee once per application.  The charge goes on with your initial application.  If you and your College Graduation Expert decide to move your date there is no additional graduation fee. 

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