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FERPA Quick Guide


Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
Quick Guide

Protecting the privacy of educational records.

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Who is protected by FERPA?

  • All students, regardless of age, who are or have ever attended a postsecondary institution.
  • Attending Students = admitted, registered, and the term has begun; whether in residence, online, non-degree, degree-seeking, part or full time.
  • Students who have only applied to EKU do not have FERPA protection; they are not yet "in attendance".

Who is responsible for enforcing FERPA?

Everyone on campus with access to student records shares this responsibility – faculty, staff, and students.

What are a student's fundamental FERPA rights?

  • Right to inspect and review their own educational records.
  • Right to request any amendments of inaccuracies in their records.
  • Right to have some control over the release of their educational records.
  • Right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education regarding any perceived failure to comply with FERPA.

How does EKU make students aware of FERPA?

Each year there is a notification in the University catalog and the student handbook.  FERPA information is also made available through the EKU website.

What is Directory Information?

  • Directory information is student data that is not considered to be generally harmful to an individual if released.
  • Directory information data items must be defined by the institution.  (It is in the EKU catalog.)
  • Students must be allowed to request confidentiality (nondisclosure) of their directory information.

Directory Information at EKU:


Address (excluding EKU Residence hall address)

Telephone listing (excluding cell phone)

Email Address

Date and Place of Birth

Major field of study

Participation in Officially recognized activities and sports


Weight and Height of members of Athletic Teams

Academic Level (Undergraduate or Graduate)

Academic Class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior)

Dates of Attendance

Enrollment Status

Degrees and Awards Received

Student Photo or likeness

Most recent previous education institution attended by the student.


What is NEVER Directory Information; never released without student written permission?

(Note: some exceptions apply – refer to other training materials for details)

Social Security Number
Student Schedule
Student ID
Academic History
Academic Standing
Residence Hall Room No.
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