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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get proof of enrollment for my insurance company?

Answer: The National Student Clearinghouse is the official contracted agent by EKU to produce student enrollment verifications. Students obtain their official verification fast & free through their EKU Direct account (, login now, enter ID and Pin, go to Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records, scroll down and click National Student Clearinghouse). The Registrar's Office does not complete or sign individual forms to verify enrollment. However, if you utilize the National Student Clearinghouse and are faced with any challenges with printing the certification form, please know that you can go to the Registrar's Office in Whitlock 239 for assistance. There are also detailed instructions on the Registrar's web page at

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How do I get car insurance forms filled out for a Good Student Discount?

Answer: Student should go to EKU Direct/Student Services and Financial Aid/Student Records/ Printable Grade Report. The official grade report will provide the student's GPA and thus verify good student standing for the auto insurance company. This report contains all the required information.

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I need a Letter of Good Standing or a Transient Student Approval form from EKU, how do I obtain this letter?

Answer: Students can secure this information by completing a request form in the Registrar's Office in Whitlock Rm. 239. On that form students may request that the information be mailed to an address of their choice or they may arrange to pick the letter up the next day after 1:00 p.m. Please be reminded that proof of identity is required (picture ID) in order to receive pick-up service. The request form can be printed from our forms website.

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I forgot my EKU ID number, can you give me that information?

Answer: Should a student lose their ID number they will not be able to log into EKUDirect to retrieve the number. Please visit HERE to view the options available to any current or former EKU student who wishes to obtain their EKU ID number.

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I need my email or blackboard account reset, where do I go?

Answer: Students should go to the Academic Computing lab, located in Combs 208. Students may also call 622-3000.

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Where can I find out if I qualify to file for academic bankruptcy?

Answer: The rules for Academic Bankruptcy are listed in the EKU catalog ( or can be found here. Students can also contact the Registrar's Office for clarification.

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What does the instructional method of my course mean?

Answer: TRD - Face-to-Face, on-campus, primarily in a lecture format. May include asynchronous or
                        synchronous online content/meetings.

               HYBR - Faculty will assign students to a particular group and/or day to attend in person.
                          Students will participate remotely on days they are not attending in person. May include
                          asynchronous or synchronous online content/meetings.

               ONL - Full online instruction with no specified online meeting dates and times.

               ONLS - Full online instruction with specified online meeting dates and times. Students will log
                          into a virtual classroom on specified days and times.

               WBL - Partial Face-to-Face instruction on specified days and times. Partial online instruction
                        with no specified online meeting dates and t imes (over 50% of course will be online instruction).

               WBLS - Partial Face-to-Face instruction on specified days and times. Partial online instruction
                          with specified online meeting dates and times (over 50% of course will be online instruction).

               ALE - Learning occurs outside of the traditional classroom experience and/or may be
                       embedded as part of a course. Students learn by engaging in direct application of skills,
                       theories, and models.

               ITV - Two-way, real time communication between the instructor and students at different
                       viewing sites. Also referred to as e-Presence

               MMD - Combination of Web-Blended instruction and Distance Learning (ITV) instruction.

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I need to withdraw from the University, how and where do I do this?

Answer: Students may elect to withdraw from a course, several courses or from the university up to the midpoint of the semester by accessing their EKU-Direct and following the prescribed directions for course withdrawal. To withdraw from the entire semester, students need to withdraw from all coursework to zero hours. Students are strongly encouraged to confirm all changes to their schedule by printing a copy of their add/drop screen showing their reduced hours.

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I have been dismissed from the University, who can I talk to?

Answer: Students should carefully read the registered letter that was mailed to them regarding their status. If, after reading the letter, you still have questions, please contact the Registrar's office to speak with the Academic Compliance Coordinator.

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I have dropped a class and now it won't let me pick it back up, how can I do that?

Answer: To re-register into a dropped class, from the Add/Drop page, click on the arrow next to the action window beside the dropped class. The message will say "Dropped by Web", but after clicking on the arrow you will see other options. If it is still within the Add/Drop time of the semester one option will be "Reregister Dropped Course". Choose this action and then at the bottom of the page click on "Submit Changes". WAIT....for the page to refresh and VERIFY...that the message next to the course changed, and there are credit hours associated with the course.

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I was trying to register for a class and I got a registration add error, what do I do?

Answer: The student can check the Colonel Compass for a definition of the error, ( There you will find a handy table that lists all possible registration errors, defines each, and suggests actions to take in response. Many errors will require an override logged into the registration system by the department office of the course in question. Remember though that an override is only permission to register - you are not registered into a class until you log into EKUDirect and do so yourself.

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How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Answer for Unofficial Transcripts: Students may secure a copy of their unofficial transcript anytime via their EKU Direct account.

Answer for Official Transcripts: Eastern Kentucky University uses the National Student Clearinghouse to process all official transcripts requests (Mail, PDF, Exchange).  This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allows you to track your order, and ensures the security of your information and payment.  The cost is $12.25.  Expedited delivery is available through the National Student Clearinghouse.  You may track your transcript online at using the tracking number you received in your confirmation email.

For more information see:

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How do I declare or change my major, concentration, or minor?

Answer:  Students desiring to change, add or remove a major, minor, or concentration must:

Complete the Declaration of Program Study form, and obtain written approval of the department chair or advisor of the new program. Written approval is not needed if removing a minor.  However, students may only change their major once per year.  (For additional information see:

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