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Late Enrollment Policy


A. Students have the opportunity to drop/add courses during the first full week of full-semester classes.

B. After this drop/add period, students may request late enrollment into a course only up to the end of the 2nd week of full-semester classes.

  1. Deadlines for partial-semester courses will be prorated accordingly.
  2. The specific calendar deadline dates for each semester will be determined by the Office of the Registrar and students must initiate their request for late enrollment with the instructor of the course, or department office offering the course, no later than the late-enrollment deadline.
C. Denial of late enrollment by the academic department may not be appealed. Students denied enrollment are not allowed to continue attending class.

D. Students with active university holds designed to prevent registration will not be allowed late enrollment into classes and may not process a request until these holds are resolved.

  1. Students are expected to resolve registration holds during the period of normal open enrollment or before the end of the 2nd week of full-semester classes.
  2. Not being able to resolve a university hold by the late-enrollment deadline is not a justification for an extension of the deadline.
E. As special registration rules already apply to independent study, co-op, practicum, thesis, etc., such courses will be exempt from the late-enrollment deadlines.

  1. These students will be expected to enroll and resolve any registration issue before the end of the extended open-enrollment period established for these types of classes.
  2. The group of classes referred to by the Registrar’s Office as “cohort” classes and scheduled in the cohort part-of-term will have one week after their open enrollment period to request late enrollment. All other criteria for late enrollment apply to this group.
F. The process to request late enrollment is as follows:

  1. The student will initiate the request by completing the student’s section of the Late Enrollment Request Form and submitting the form to instructor, chair, or department office staff BEFORE the late-enrollment deadline.
  2. The department or college office will be responsible for verifying that the student is admitted into the university and does not have university holds preventing registration. If the student is not admitted to the university or has a hold, he/she may not proceed with the request.
  3. If the student is approved to register for the class, the college will transmit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office—similar to processing grade-change forms. (Note: The form is not returned to the student for transport from office to office.)
  4. If students are found to have holds preventing registration, they will be informed by the college that they must resolve holds before the late-enrollment deadline.
  5. Department chair and college signatures will signify that:
  • a) department/college has verified whether the student meets course requirements (pre- or co-requisites),
  • b) the course is currently at enrollment capacity, and
  • c) the chair/dean has considered both issues before affirming the late enrollment.
G. Any student with an extraordinary situation beyond his/her control who wishes to request late enrollment after the late-enrollment deadline must request an exception to university policy. This request should be processed using the Request for Exception to Academic Policy Form from the college office. The exception form must have the “justification” section completed and must be accompanied by the Late Enrollment Request Form with the appropriate documentation verifying the extraordinary situation. The approval process for granting an exception to university policy is the same as for granting late enrollment.

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