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Petition for Readmission to Eastern Kentucky University

Readmitting to EKU

  • Students are granted full admission to EKU with a cumulative EKU GPA of 2.0 or higher.  

  • Students wishing to readmit with a cumulative EKU GPA between 1.5 and 2.0 will be admitted on probation and must meet the university academic standing requirements outlined in the catalog.

  • Students wishing to readmit with a cumulative EKU GPA below a 1.5 must complete a Petition for Readmission which will go forth to the Admission Appeals Committee for permission to return to EKU.  Please see table below for meeting dates and deadlines.

Petition for Immediate Readmission following Academic Suspension

Students on 1st academic suspension are required to sit out from EKU for one full regular semester (see catalog for policies regarding additional suspensions).

  • If there were documented, catastrophic circumstances beyond the student's control, University policy allows the student to submit a Petition for Readmission to the Admission Appeals Committee.  The committee will review the required documentation supporting the petition, as well as the student's full academic record, and potential to successfully complete college work.  If approved, the student will be allowed to attend the semester immediately following the suspension.  Please note, the suspension will remain on the academic record and transcript.

  • Academic Dismissal has a mandatory 5 year sit-out period.  Students on Dismissal are not allowed to petition for immeidate readmission and must sit out their time.  

To petition for readmission, students should complete the Petition for Readmission form and submit it and all of the supporting docuements to the Registrar's office by the deadlines listed below.  Incomplete petitions will not be reviewed by the committee and may prevent you from being considered for the term in which you applied.  Students who have been approved via the Petition for Readmission process must also complete the admission's application:

Meeting Dates (subject to change)                           Petition and Supporting Documents due by 4:30 on the Dates Below
2/11/2021 2/4/2021
3/10/2021 3/4/2021
4/14/2021 4/8/2021
5/13/2021 5/6/2021
6/10/2021 6/3/2021
7/8/2021 7/1/2021
8/12/2021 8/5/2021
9/9/2021 9/2/2021
10/14/2021 10/2/2021
11/11/2021 11/4/2021
12/9/2021 12/2/2021
1/6/2022 1/4/2022
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