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Withdrawal Information


Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is strongly committed to supporting students in achieving success in their intellectual and extracurricular endeavors. Withdrawing may not be your only option. Please contact the Office of Academic and Career Services at 859-622-2276 for further assistance.

Contact Big E Central if you have any questions regarding the process to withdraw from a class, or from the University.  Questions may be emailed to

Withdrawing from a Class  (top)

Have a HOLD preventing your access to the Register for Classes screen in MyEKU?

  • HOLDS on a student record are there because an office wishes to convey a message to that student, they want the student to have a conversation, return a library book, or they may only intend to prevent the student from adding a class, not from dropping.
  • A HOLD does not mean you are not allowed to withdraw.
  • Email, or come to the Big E Central in the Whitlock Building, Room 210.

What if I want to withdraw from a short-term class (less than 16 wks long)?

  • Look at the Colonel’s Compass and you will see a list of deadlines for every class, listed by starting date of the class.  The Colonels’ Compass will tell you the last day to go online and drop or withdraw from a class.

A.  Withdrawing from a class during the first 12 weeks of a full semester:

 Students withdraw through MyEKU.  No Withdrawal fee is charged-during the first 4 weeks of the term.  Beginning with the 5th week of a full semester class a withdrawal fee of $50 per credit hour, per course, will be applied to the student's account.  There is a maximum fee of $150 per course.  Therefore, a 4 or 5 credit hour course will have the same withdrawal fee ($150) as a 3 credit hour course. No withdrawal fees are charged when a student withdraws from all courses. 

  1. Class drops/withdrawals are available via MyEKU only during the first 4 weeks of the semester.
  2. Go online to MyEKU, Register for Classes link, and select "drop by web" or "withdraw by web".
  3. Students are welcome to perform this activity at the Registration Center where there is staff available to help.
  4. For EACH registered class select DROP or WD course--Withdraw by web. (During the first four weeks of the term one of these selections will be available).
  5. Click the button Submit Changes. Under "Status," verify that the word "Registered" has been replaced with "Dropped" or "WD course". Also, be sure that Credit Hours are "0.0 hours".
  6. This action is immediate and any tuition refunds are effective the moment the student clicks the Submit Change button.
  8. Confirm that all classes have been dropped/withdrawn as desired by looking at the link View/Print Schedule (also in MyEKU). 
  9. Print the View/Print Schedule as your proof that the action was completed.


Withdrawing from the University  (top)

Students who leave the University without obtaining an official withdrawal are subject to the grade of “F” in their courses.

Requesting an Official University Withdrawal before the 12th week of the term

To officially withdraw from the University students may simply go online to MyEKU and withdraw from all classes. Students should first consult with an advisor in the Office of University Advising to discuss whether leaving EKU is the best option.  No withdrawal fee applies if the student is withdrawing completely from the University. Students should consider this action carefully as “W” grades can impede progress toward graduation and may have negative repercussions on Financial Aid eligibility.

If you are unable to withdraw from one or more of your courses through MyEKU, contact Big E Central for assistance via email at

Dining Services Refund for Students Withdrawing from the University:

  •  For Colonel Card dollars or meal memberships, please refer to the Add/Drop, refund page in Colonel's Compass.

Housing Refund for Students Withdrawing from the University:

  •  For Housing refunds, please submit a written request to the Housing and Residence Life Appeals Committee, Whitlock CPO 51, Eastern Kentucky University, 521 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, Kentucky 40475-3151.  Housing refunds are only applicable for a limited period of time at the beginning of the semester. 

Late Withdrawals due to Extenuating Circumstances

When physical or mental illness, or other extenuating circumstances, intrude upon a student’s ability to successfully meet the requirements of his or her course of study, such that the student is unable to avail themselves of standard methods for withdrawing from the University, per the above described timeframe, the student may complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal or a Medical Leave of Absence Request.

Late Withdrawal  (top)

After the 12th week, a student who is the victim of extraordinary circumstances which does not qualify the student for a Medical Leave of Absence may petition for a Late Withdrawal from the University. [Before the 12th week of a full term any student may withdraw from a class without petitioning for a late withdrawal.] 

The student who wishes to withdraw after the deadline to do so must appeal through the Registrar’s Office. The deadline for filing a Petition for Late Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances is the last day of the full semester following the term from which the student is seeking withdrawal. The student must complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal form and should include justification and documentation for the withdrawal. If approved, the Registrar will assign grades of “W “ to the indicated courses.  Students are still responsible for all tuition and fees.

With proper documentation, the following extenuating circumstances will automatically be considered for approval (all documentation is due within 30 days of the submission of the petition or the petition will be null and void):

Documentation of Medical doctor/licensed practitioner “excuse” that directly applies to the semester/class in question and the justification specifically noted by student in the petition

  • Will require clearance from same practitioner for re-admission (if re-admission is necessary), as with Medical Withdrawal                                     

Death – Must provide documentation of death of:

  • Mother/Father (to include step mother or father)
  • Brother/Sister (to include half-brother or sister)
  • Spouse/Partner
  • Child (to include step child)
  • Grandparent or Grandchild
  • In-Laws of same kind
  • Other persons with whom the student has a “loco parentis” relationship

Alleged victim of violent offense, as evidenced by police report (EKU or otherwise) or Office of Institutional Equity filing

The following circumstances will receive automatic denial:


  • Emergency Services Personnel excepted

Excessive absences without MD/licensed practitioner “excuse”  


Technology issues

Requests made before final grades post

Applications without documentation listed in the above (approval) section

Any requests for reconsideration must be sent in writing to the Registrar, noting the justification for the request, and will be decided by the Registrar, the Dean of Students, and the Associate Provost for Student Academic Affairs.  There is no appeal of the decision of the Registrar, Dean of Students, and Associate Provost for Student Academic Affairs.

To petition for a Late Withdrawal students should complete the following form:  Petition for Late Withdrawal.  

Medical Leave of Absence  (top)

Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence

Students may request a Medical Leave of Absence from EKU when serious physical or mental health issues prevent the student from continuing with coursework in the current semester.  The severity and duration of the medical problems must be such that it would be unreasonable to expect the student to make up missed class work. A Medical Leave of Absence is appropriate only when “incompletes” or other arrangements with instructors are not possible.  A request for a Medical Leave of Absence can only be considered when the request is to withdraw from all classes and will not be granted if final exams have been taken for that semester.  This policy does not address withdrawal from individual classes and is not appropriate for retroactive situations. 

Requests for Medical Leaves of Absence require thorough and credible documentation by the appropriate healthcare provider.  The deadline for filing a request for a Medical Leave of Absence is the last day of classes for the semester from which the student is seeking withdrawal.

If the request to take a Medical Leave of Absence is due to physical issues, the appropriate documenting healthcare provider is a licensed medical practitioner with knowledge of the student’s past medical history and who is presently working with the student to resolve current physical health issues.  This physician should be the student’s primary health care provider at the time of the request for Medical Leave of Absence, and should not be a family member.  If the medical situation involves emergency hospitalization, documentation from the emergency room physician or hospitalist is required in lieu of the preceding information.

If the request for a Medical Leave of Absence is due to mental health reasons, the appropriate documenting healthcare provider would be a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor with knowledge of the student’s past mental health history and who is presently working with the student to resolve the current mental health problems and should not be a family member.  Taking a Medical Leave of Absence of at least one full semester away from the University will enhance the likelihood of success upon the student’s return. 


The student, or parent or guardian with legal permission to make health care decisions (if the student is unable to complete the form), completes the Medical Leave of Absence Request Form.  Once completed, the form, and required accompanying  medical documentation, is submitted to the Dean of Students.  If the Medical Leave of Absence is approved the student's transcript for the semester the leave begins will have a final grade of “W” applied to corresponding courses.

Returning to EKU from a Medical Leave of Absence

The student will be obligated to adhere to the requirements for returning from a Medical Leave of Absence.  The student is expected to complete the Request to Return from Medical Leave of Absence Form and to provide documentation that the physical or mental health condition has been treated and symptoms that required withdrawal from the University are sufficiently resolved to allow the student to return to the University. 

Financial Implications of a Medical Leave of Absence

There is no automatic tuition refund associated with a Medical Leave of Absence.  A Medical Leave of Absence is designed for academic purposes, not financial purposes; it allows the student the opportunity to protect his/her academic standing with the University by preventing the student from failing all courses for that semester. Providing that the Medical Leave of Absence request is approved, tuition charges will be adjusted per the regular, published, refund guidelines, based on the last date of attendance.  Any questions or appeals regarding tuition reimbursement must be sent to the Director of Student Accounting Services.  Such an appeal can only be considered after a decision regarding the request for Medical Leave of Absence has been rendered.

Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence

Eastern Kentucky University may place a student on an Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence for reasons of personal or community safety.


Eastern Kentucky University is committed to preserving the integrity of its learning environment.  University officials occasionally become aware of a student who may be seriously interfering with this purpose because of a mental, emotional, or psychological health condition.  In these situations, information may be provided to the Dean of Students for investigation by the Student Assistance & Intervention Team (SAIT).    The SAIT may consider the appropriateness of (1) referring the student to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, (2) referral to EKU police, (3) referral for involuntary examination, hospitalization, and treatment for mental illness under state law, or (4) referral for mandatory assessment and treatment of substance abuse.

In addition to, or instead of, any of these procedures, the matter may be handled as a potential involuntary medical withdrawal according to the standards and procedures described in this policy.


Eastern Kentucky University may require a student to take a Medical Leave of Absence, if in the judgment of the Student Assistance & Intervention Team (SAIT), and in coordination with the Director of Student Health Services and/or the Director of the EKU Counseling Center, the student, (a) poses a threat to the lives or safety of himself/herself or other members of the EKU community; or (b) has displayed behaviors associated with a medical or mental health condition that seriously interferes with the student’s ability to function and/or seriously interferes with the educational pursuits of other members of the EKU community.

In making the recommendation to require a student to take a medical leave, the Student Assistance & Intervention Team, and/or the directors of Student Health Services or the EKU Counseling Center will act out of concern for the student and his or her rights, concern for other EKU students, and concern for the University community as a whole.  Consideration will be given to whether the University is able to provide the level of care and guidance needed, whether there is a likelihood that the student will pose a threat to himself/herself or others, and/or to what extent the student’s condition and behaviors seriously interfere with the rights of others in the community to carry on their educational pursuits.

Recommendation for Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence will be forwarded to the Associate Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs for final approval. 

Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence is not a substitute for appropriate disciplinary action.  A student suffering from a mental health or substance abuse disorder who is accused of a disciplinary violation shall not be diverted from the disciplinary process unless, (1) the Executive Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities releases responsibility to the SAIT for further investigation, or (2) as a result of the mental or substance abuse disorder the student either lacks the capacity to respond to the charges, or did not know the nature and seriousness of the behavior in question. This policy will not be used to dismiss socially or politically “eccentric” students who have not otherwise engaged in behavior which poses a danger to themselves or others, or which disrupts normal University activities in a substantial manner.


A student will be subject to Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence if the SAIT concludes that, in its professional judgment, the student is suffering from a mental, emotional, or psychological health disorder and, as a result of this disorder, engages, or threatens to engage, in behavior which

               A. poses a significant danger or threat of causing physical harm to the student or others, or

               B. substantially impedes the lawful activities of other members of the campus community, or the educational process or proper activities or functions of the University or it personnel.

At any point in the process of the SAIT investigation, the student may request a Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence from the Dean of Students.  If the request is granted, the Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence process will end; however, Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence will not terminate any pending disciplinary action.

If the student’s request for a Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence is granted, the student will be subject to the readmission requirements detailed in the Voluntary Medical Withdrawal Policy.

Military Withdrawals  (top)

An active duty military, National Guard, or reservist who is activated and/or deployed during the semester can receive a Military Withdrawal from all or some classes. These students should send an email requesting a Military Withdrawal to the Office of Military & Veterans Affairs (OMVA) at and enclose a copy of their activation notification. Students who elect to enlist in the military during the semester are not eligible for a Military Withdrawal. Once verified by the OMVA, the Office of the Registrar will process the withdrawal which also triggers a 100% refund or reduction of tuition.

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