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Winter Session FAQ's

Why should I consider a winter session class?

Get ahead – catch up – have a unique education experience.

Winter session could provide time for study abroad, research, or additional learning opportunities not available during the fall and spring semesters, as well as during summer term since many students work over the break.

Discuss with your advisor opportunities for internships and for studying abroad for course credit. Depending on course offerings, students may have the opportunity to take a course needed to complete a degree or to retake a course if necessary.

Winter session could be the solution to a lighter course load in the spring or provide the opportunity to concentrate on only one subject.

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What kind of courses can I take?

On the winter session webpage you will find the academic calendar for winter session and a list of current course offerings.  Keep checking back, classes are listed as they are developed. Registration will open in early September.

All classes will be offered as either online or off-campus experience class (e.g. study abroad, travel adventures, practicums, internships, co-ops, etc.).  No classes are offered on the Richmond campus at this time.

When considering listed courses, remember that details about a particular course may change.  If you find an interesting course, please contact the instructor directly with any questions you may have.

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How many courses may I take in winter session?

Students may take more than one course in winter session as long as they are not attempting more than a total of four credit hours. Please note that no more than four credit hours will be recorded onto a student's academic history whether earned exclusively at Eastern Kentucky University or in combination with courses from another university. No student at EKU can earn more than four credit hours during a given winter session.

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Do I need permission from my advisor and a RAC to register for winter session?

Students will not be asked for a RAC when registering for winter session, registration occurs separately from spring/summer registration. However, students should discuss their winter session plans with an advisor to see what possible impact their selected course may have on their graduation plans.

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How do I register for winter session?


Registration is through EKUDirect. The dates for winter session registration are different from spring/summer – so check the winter session calendar for details.

Students who register must have paid in full by the published deadline (see the calendar for dates) or they will be dropped from the class by the Registrar.

A student who is not currently an active student will need to submit a request for readmission via the EKU Admissions webpage.  If you need assistance call the Registrar Office help line at 859-622-2320 or email

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Be admitted into EKU:
First you must be admitted as a visiting student. Go onto the EKU Admissions webpage and submit an application as a visiting student. The admission processing is quick and you will receive a letter from EKU letting you know when you have been admitted.

Register for your class:
Your letter will give you an initial password and instructions on how to log into EKU’s online secure student service portal (EKUDirect) where you can register yourself for winter session classes. In the meantime you may contact the instructor of a winter session class by email to discuss any questions you may have.

Pay your tuition charges before the deadline:
Tuition for the class must be paid before winter session begins. The deadline is listed on the winter session calendar and tuition can be paid online through EKUDirect.

If you need help with registration you can call the Registrar Office help line at 859-622-2320; or email; or visit us in person on the Richmond campus, Whitlock Building room 239.

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Can I take a winter session class if I have an unpaid bill with the University?

Students must have zero debt to the University to be able to take a winter session class. Students are not permitted to remain registered for winter session until they have submitted full tuition and fee payment for Winter Session and any prior outstanding balance, as determined by Student Accounting Services (Bursar).

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Why is winter session registration earlier and separate from spring/summer?

Rules for taking winter session classes are different from summer term or regular semesters (fall/spring). Students must pay all tuition and other obligations to the University before they can take a winter session class, so they need more time for payment planning. Student Accounting Services and Financial Aid Counselors are available to help students explore financing options.

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Can I use financial aid to pay for a winter session class?

Winter Session is considered by the Financial Aid Office to be part of the nine-month school year; therefore some financial aid may be available from your fall award.

Students must typically save aid money from any fall semester refund for additional coursework. If no financial aid funds are available student will be required to pay out-of-pocket before class begins.

Since each student's individual financial aid package is different it is recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office to review your own particular financial aid package in order to determine what may be available to you.

Students will be expected to have payment for winter session arranged by the published deadline – before the start of winter session – or be disenrolled from the winter session classes.

Students must have filed a FAFSA for the academic year of the winter session to be considered for any need-based aid. If you have questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at 859-622-2361.

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How much does a winter session course cost?

All winter session courses will be billed at $405 per credit hour for an undergraduate course and $530 per credit hour for a graduate course. Some courses may have additional fees; students should contact the instructor of the course for more information concerning specific course fees. 

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Why are students who register for winter session required to pay before classes begin?

Payment before the class begins protects the student from carrying over debt from winter session; which would prevent further enrollment at EKU.  Additionally, requiring payment up front forces students to take care of these business issues while all campus business offices are open.

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When are final exams scheduled?

Final examinations will be conducted during the normal course period on or before the last day of the winter session. Course syllabi shall provide specific times, days, and instructions regarding grading and exams.

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What if I need to withdraw from my course? 

See the winter session calendar for dates and amounts regarding any tuition refunds.

  • Students withdraw from winter session classes online through EKUDirect.
  • There is a very limited time period in which a student may receive a tuition refund. Any tuition refund is limited strictly to the cost of tuition, any other course fees and expenses are none refundable.

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May I live in the residence hall during winter session?

Residence halls are closed during winter session, therefore, no campus housing is available during this time.

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Will University offices be open during winter session?

The University closes for winter break approximately one week after fall commencement and reopens January 4th.There will be limited IT support for online classes during winter session. Check the IT website for support hours. See the winter session calendar for the specific dates that the University is closed.

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What are the expectations for course activities during the winter session holiday break?

The instructor of the winter session course will provide a daily or weekly course schedule, outlining expectations, assessments, and assignments for the term.  Generally, class assignments or exams will not be required during the holiday break. Students will not be expected to participate in synchronous or asynchronous online activities.

Students can be assigned readings and projects but the course should allow sufficient latitude such that each student (as well as instructor) may observe holiday activities.

However, students taking a class such as a practicum, internship, co-op, or course involving travel may have continuing activities that could restrict their free time during holiday break. 

Therefore students in winter session classes should be forewarned that holiday break is flexible, and not binding; depending on the nature and schedule of the individual course.

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Can my winter session class be cancelled due to low enrollment?

Yes.  Each class will be required to meet a minimum enrollment. The minimum enrollment for undergraduate courses is six students and the minimum enrollment for graduate courses is five students. The University will review course enrollments on the Wednesday before the start of winter session. For courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment each instructor may elect to continue with the course on a prorated pay basis. If the course does not meet minimum enrollment the instructor will communicate the status of the course to any enrolled students.

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Can I use an EKU staff scholarship to pay for a winter session class?

No, the staff scholarship cannot be used to pay for winter session.

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